My Mission. My Work. My Goals.

Creating Aesthetic Images of Eternal Beauty.

Visual impressions deeply burn into my visual memory for all times. Thus, as an example I am not able to work as a misery or war photographer without permanently damaging my soul. As a photographer, you can either try to shake up humanity with shocking photos or aim to open the hearts of people with aesthetic beauty. Both approaches can produce photos of very high emotional impact. Aesthetic art is something deeply human: those who are not impressed by beautiful images may not be empathetic. My talent is to be an aesthete. My aestheticism is a means for the purpose of visual communication and at the same time an expression of my respect for other people. In addition, I myself have an insatiable thirst for aesthetic art. I do believe the world is urgently in need of beauty. Thus, my goal is to create aesthetic images of eternal beauty − to the joy and happiness of mankind and for supporting companies, organizations and professionals.

Reliable Quality Production from Germany.

Excellent-Photography − A Promise to my Customers.

Production security is an essential factor in times of increasingly scarce resources and ever shorter production periods. No client can ever afford a faulty production. The synonym "Excellent-Photography " stands for my promise that I am fully dedicated to my profession: all my skills and resources are always being utilized for the closest possible approach in teamwork perfection. My clients trust me because they experience that I take care on my responsibilities as a German Corporate Artist. They know I will be putting "Heaven and Hell " in motion to finish projects successfully on time. Besides a great customer service the synonym "Excellent-Photography " also stands for my lifelong quest to enhancing my artistic skills, my technical expertise and to strive for ever better productivity. However, we humans are not perfect. How far I have gone the lifelong roadmap to excellency remains reserved to the judgment of others. In this sense I understand every assignment as a great opportunity to take another step forward on the infinite route to excellency.

Lifestyle Advertising Photography.

GDPR compliant Photo Services across Europe:
Solutions for digital cross-border Productions and Publications.

For the first time, my strictly GDPR-compliant workflow provides legal certainty for the Europe-wide realization of photo and video productions. The legal foundation for this achievement is the harmonization of the legal situation throughout Europe in combination with my modified contractual framework which does not utilize any national GDPR flavours. My contractual framework is executing GDPR at its highest purity possible. Due to of its logical simplicity my contractual framework remains easy to understand. The price level of my creative services, which is established since many years, was exactly maintained during this changeover. At no additional cost my customers now enjoy legal certainty for the Europe-wide (worldwide) publication of my artwork (as long as they strictly adhere to GDPR rules themselves). Please find out why you want to assign me with the following video statements:

To whom it might concern − video statements about my work (link to YouTube playlist)

A Question of Nerves - Live Circus Acts

The most frequently asked customer questions are being answered within this video statement.


The Corporate Artist Magazine (German).

The Corporate Artist Magazine is dedicated to the artwork of Mark Brandenburgh and is hence the official source for Customers, Gallery-Owners, Art-Directors, Art-Investors and Editors-in-Chief who like to get provided with background informations on his attitudes, intentions, working styles and habits in addition to assignment stories. This Corporate Artist Magazine is available for free download but some issues require a password (PW).


Mark Brandenburgh − A german photographer at work.

Last update: 2017-09-17

Ingenius Don Quixote fighting the invincible monsters of art.

Last update: 2017-09-17


German photographer
ready for high quality assignments.

Artist with 30+ years imaging experience across the full production chain: analog and digital imaging at available light and with portable studio lights, extended B&W darkroom skills, expertise in digital post-processing, strong technical focus, in-time production, low company overhead and very high customer satisfaction. Can-do attitude. Long-term experience in editorial and online publishing. Expect nothing less than a great customer experience and a work tailored to your demands, timetable and budget.
GDPR-compliant photo & video services across Europe.


Dr. Mark Brandenburgh
Fueled by assignments − Driven by passion.


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